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With offices in both the greater Augusta and Portland areas, Graham Behavioral Services provides high quality, in-home mental health and behavioral services, as well as case management for children and adults. Our ultimate goal is to enable people we serve to overcome challenges presented by their particular situation and live a full, rich, and dignified life.

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Adult Skills Development
Contact Bille-Jo Cookson, Program Director
Skills Development Services are teaching-based services that assist members to increase their independence. The program includes training in independent living skills, such as learning how to use public transportation, how to budget, and how to select and participate in educational, vocational and social activities. (Augusta and Portland Offices)

Children's Rehabilitation Services
Contact Emily Genest, Program Director
Children's Habilitation Services helps children diagnosed with Mental Retardation, Autism and any of the related Pervasive Developmental Disorders. It is a skill building program that starts with a comprehensive assessment of the child's strengths and needs, and uses methods that support optimum retention of the child's skills for maximum independence. (Augusta Office Only)

Adult Community Case Management
Contact Mary Hansen, Program Director
The Adult Community Case Management program provides support to adults with developmental disabilities. Case managers strive to empower people, to enhance their quality of life, increase their independence, and become fully included within their communities, through assisting both individuals and their families with accessing needed / desired resources. (Augusta Office Only)

Adult Community Integration Services
Contact Luke Curtis, Program Director
A strength-based person-focused service. Case managers assist and empower clients and natural supports to augment quality of life and acquire independence. It is a process that collaboratively reviews and supports natural strengths and assesses and aligns community resources. (Augusta and Portland Offices)

Adult Daily Living Support Services
Contact Sabrina Gagnon, Program Director
Daily Living Support Services are designed to assist adults with maintaining the highest level of independence. The service helps to develop and maintain skills of daily living which includes accessing community resources and remaining healthy and safe. Without these supportive services, adults most likely would not be able to retain community tenure and would require crisis intervention or hospitalization. The service is provided to adults in their homes or temporary living quarters in accordance with an individual support plan. Support methods include modeling, cueing, and coaching. The service does not include specialized crisis support services or administering of medications. (Augusta Office Only)