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With offices in both the greater Augusta and Portland areas, Graham Behavioral Services provides high quality, in-home mental health and behavioral services, as well as case management for children and adults. Our ultimate goal is to enable people we serve to overcome challenges presented by their particular situation and live a full, rich, and dignified life.

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National Council Live Webinars
Section 811 and New Funding Opportunities for Supportive Housing; Implementing Evidence-based Practices: A 3-Part Model for Improving Outcomes; Telepsychiatry: The Answer to Your Workforce and Service Challenges. More information...

Maine Military and Community Network Statewide Conference
The Maine Military & Community Network is a collaborative effort by Maine organizations, volunteers, and others like you, to raise awareness about the challenges faced by military Service Members, Veterans, and their families and the resources available to them. More information...

Stop and Think About the "r" Word
Some people have mental retardation (intellectual disabilities). While mental retardation is not a bad word, when used to describe someone or something you think is bad or stupid it becomes another thoughtless hurtful word. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities are not bad. Their condition is not bad. The prejudice and discrimination to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities is BAD...and WRONG! Please stop using the word 'retard'. It hurts individuals and families of those with disabilities. More information...

Upcoming Changes in Children's Behavioral Health Respite Services
There will be changes in Respite Services for families and providers of respite starting in July 2012 and the following is information available about the changes at this time. More information...

Supports Intensity Scale (SIS)
The Supports Intensity Scales, or SIS as it's known, is an assessment tool that DHHS' Office of Adults with Cognitive and Physical Disabilities Services (OACPDS) has begun implementing. The SIS, which is widely used in other states, is utilized to determine how much support an individual with intellectual disabilities needs to be able to live successfully in his/her community. Currently in the pilot phase, the SIS is expected to be used with OACPDS consumers, to ensure that the services they are receiving match the identified support needs. The SIS will not replace Person Centered Planning meetings. More information...

SAD: When seasons change how you feel
By 10 a.m. every day in winter, Rachelle Strauss felt like she could go back to bed. She used to be a morning person, but that all changed about 10 years ago when she started to feel exhausted as the darkest days dragged on. Read more...

Company News:

2013 Special Olympics Update

It is that time of year again and Special Olympics Summer games are just around the corner.. GBS athletes and thousands of other athletes will be attending summer games in Orono at UMO June 7, 8 and 9th. GBS athletes have been working hard to prepare for the summer games. They will be attending Area Games at Hale-dale High School May 9th with a rain date of May 10th for time trails.

Another pleasant round of Special Olympics fundraising has passed. The Graham Behavioral Services team raised a total of $2618 in a bowl-a-thon. After the bowling expenses, we were able to forward a net of $2443 toward the funding of our athletes, which will allow them to go to summer games at no cost, with some extra money left for uniforms and winter games next year. We will be doing a car wash a VIP Auto Sales on Western Ave in Augusta Maine this summer and the date will be determined at a later time.

I would like to thank Spare-Time in Hallowell for allowing GBS to hold a bowl a thon. Thank you to all the staff and people in the community who sponsored this event.. Without you this fundraiser would not of been a huge success.

Kaley Boucher
GBS Special Olympics Coordinator

Open Door vs. Revolving Door: How to Retain DCWs

Harry Graham and his wife Carol co-own Graham Behavioral Services, Inc., a mental health services agency with offices in Augusta and Portland, Maine. In addition, Graham presents at conferences on the topic of leadership and ethics and their effect on clinical outcomes, which is also the subject of a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) thesis he is currently researching. He talked to us earlier this month about what his work and his research have taught him about how investing time and money in direct care workers pays off for agency owners.

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